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Design Vision

Architects, Engineers and Designers have important role in addressing issues related to the long term survival of our planet. According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) the construction industry accounts fot 40% of energy useage and they estimate by 2030, emissions from commercial structures will grow by 1.8%. Designing buildings to be smarter to intergrate with the enviroment, be more efficiently constructed and operated are some of the core issues we need to solve and address with any project.

While in college in the 1980’s, John Snyder extensively studied the architecture of Australian architect Glenn Murcutt, who was just gaining notoriety. Murcutt designs hyper-sustainable structures in a systematic constructed composition. A kit-of parts architecture, described by Murcutt using the aboriginal proverb to “touch the earth lightly”. His groundbreaking buildings are celebrated for the focus on the sustainability of the natural environment / topography, harmony with nature and in resonance with climate and of the surroundings.

Attending the Australian Architecture Foundation - Glenn Murcutt Masterclass in 2010, reinforced John’s vision for a balanced architecture, one where structures shall be designed to sit perfect into the landscape, utilize natural ventilation, light, conserve and utilize water and shading techniques. Creating an architecture for our time while achieving no impact on our planet during and after implementation. This "critical regionalist" approach to design roots his projects in time, place and the enviroment in which they are constructed.

Balanced Design Approach

The JSA team is well versed in achieving creative balanced and sustainable architectural / interior design solutions for every client type.  All parts of a building are extensively researched and understood for their impact on the environment, from initial manufacturing processes, installation methods, long term impacts, structural systems, mechanical systems, materials, products and etc.  This hyper-sustainable vision is in everything we do at JSA.  We have over 35 years of research, advanced learning and a extensive office library to support our clients projects.

This commitment to the environment does not add more time or extra fees charged, It is simply included in everything we design.

Significant Sustainable Projects:

Argos Inn, Ithaca, NY

Carey Building, Ithaca, NY

Purity Ice Cream, Ithaca, NY

US Army MEDDAC - Connor Troop Medical Clinic, Fort Drum NY

US Army MEDDAC - Pharmacy Renovations, Fort Drum NY


“Making buildings that are like instruments is very important to me. The buildings respond to the light, to air movements, to prospect, to refuge, to comfort. They work like instruments that produce the sound and the colour of the composer. But, I am not the composer. I just make the instruments. The light, the sound and the air are already there. I just make buildings that allow people to sense them,”
 – Glenn Murcutt